Binary Power Bot Indicator for Binary options

 Binary Power Bot can be called a unique indicator based on a new formula that allows, according to the creators, to constantly receive income when trading binary options. This tool, according to official reports from the developers, is capable of making up to 80% of transactions profitable.

Binary power Bot

Characteristics Of Indicator :


When working with these indicators, several recommendations should be followed:

1.     Trading platform - MetaTrader4.

2.     Assets - any pair of currencies.

3.     Opening hours - no restrictions (you can trade after the opening of any session).

4.     Timeframe - M5 and M15 periods are recommended, but others are also suitable.

5.     Expiration time - 2 candles, or 10 minutes (if M5 is selected) or 30 minutes (M15).

6.     The best brokers are Alpari, FinMaxBinary.comIQ options

The given recommendations are not binding. But compliance with these requirements will increase the effectiveness of the indicator.


Trading rules with the Binary Power Bot indicator

The developers do not disclose the algorithms for this indicator. Traders can only set in the settings how the instrument notifies about the presence of a favourable point for entering the market (in the form of a sound signal or an email message).

The Instructions for using the indicator as follows:

·         if a red arrow appears pointing down, then you need to buy a PUT option

·         if a blue arrow appears - the CALL option

In each case, the expiration of the period is two candles.

 Binary Power Bot Buy sell examples

Call options should be purchased if the following pattern appears on the chart:

Binary Power bot Call signal

The following situations are favorable for buying Put:
binary Power Bot Put signal

The difficulty of working with this indicator is that if the price starts to move in the other direction, the arrows disappear (the indicator is redrawn). Moreover, this situation is also observed in those cases when this trading instrument gives the correct signal. Therefore, before using Binary Power Bot in practice, it is recommended to test the indicator on a demo account.

Download Binary Power Bot

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