Vortex Indicator for BinaryOptions

The Vortex Binary Options Indicator is a two-directional oscillator based on the volatility of a trading asset. The parameters of the indicator, it can be configured for both medium-term and long-term trades, and for short-term trading.

Also, the indicator has three types of signals, which increases the outcome and accuracy of the indicator

Vortex Indicator for BinaryOptions
 Vortex Indicator for BinaryOptions

Indicator characteristics for binary options Vortex

·         Terminal: MetaTrader 4.

·         Time frame: M1-D1.

·         Expiration: 1 candle or 10 candles.

·         Option types: Call / Put.

·         Indicators: Vortex.

·         Trading instruments: all currency pairs.

·         Trading time: 9: 00-17: 00.

·         Recommended brokers: Alpari, FinMaxBinary.comIQ options

Installing the indicator for Vortex Binary Options in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

To reduce the number of signals and increase their quality, you can change the only indicator parameter to a higher value.

At the end of the article, you can also download a template with indicators with all the necessary levels and settings.

Trading rules and examples of trades with the indicator for binary options


The indicator bases its values ​​on the volatility of the currency pair or the the instrument used, and the more active the market, the greater the fluctuation the amplitude of the indicator, while in the flat the indicator remains in a narrow the channel, constantly intertwining with each other:


vortex indicator in flat and trending Market

Expiration for any types of signals (which we will consider below) should be used from 10 candles. But for scalpers, you can try to trade with an expiration of 1 candle, but in this case, you should experiment with the indicator settings.

The intersection of Vortex indicator lines :

The first and simplest signal that the Vortex indicator can generate is line crossings. Therefore, to buy a Call option, the green line of the indicator must cross the red one upwards, and to buy a Put option, the green line must cross the red one from top to bottom:

Vortex indicator Call and Put

As you can see, during normal market activity, the intersection of the lines indicates where the price will go.

Exiting the Vortex indicator range

The essence of the second type of signals is when the indicator lines exit the range (black the channel in the Vortex indicator window). In this case, after exiting the range, to buy a Call option, the green line must be above the red (above), and to buy a Put option, the green line must be below the red (below):


Vortex Indicator for BinaryOptions call put

This method does not require crossing the indicator lines, but if there is a crossing before exiting the range, it will only strengthen the signal.

Trading from oversold and overbought zones of the Vortex indicator

The last type of signals involves trading from oversold and overbought levels, which is also used in the Stochastic Oscillator and RSI indicators, or in their general form Stochastic RSI.

In this case, it will also be more convenient to use the green line, since the red line is inverted. It is necessary to buy a Call option when the green line has left or moves away from the oversold zone, and buying a Put option is necessary when the green line has left or moves away from the overbought zone:


Vortex indicator trading on levels

Please note that it is desirable that the line touches the level, and not just be near.

Also, an important point will be that for different time frames the values ​​of the levels will be different, so it is worth testing this type of signals separately on different time frames in order to choose the best option.

Download vortex indicator

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