Best currency pairs on Forex


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Best currency pairs on Forex 

Which of the currency pairs traded on the foreign exchange market are considered to be the main ones? Typically, these include currency pairs containing the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound and the Australian dollar.


Best Currency Pairs on forex

Here is a brief description of the major currency pairs on Forex:


1.     EUR/USD - this currency pair accounts for about 30% of all trading volume on the Forex exchange.


2.     USD/JPY is the second most popular among traders.


3.     GBP/USD is the third most popular. It has the highest value of the lot, due to the high cost of the pound itself.



4.     AUD/USD is quite low-volatility. Notable is the fact that the Australian dollar is almost equal to the US dollar in its value. The price of this currency pair largely depends on the demand for agricultural products and weather conditions in the region.


5.     USD/CHF - it is often used by traders trying to play on the difference in interest rates.



6.      USD/CAD - and this currency pair is heavily dependent on the prices of oil and other raw materials. Sometimes presents "surprises" in the form of sharp price jumps.


Novice traders should deal with the main currency pairs in the Forex market. This is due to their high liquidity and greater predictability than secondary ones. Also, price forecasts for the main currency pairs of the Forex market are often available for free on the websites of various brokers. These forecasts can be used in their trading, but, of course, it is not necessary to rely entirely on them in the process of making certain trade decisions.

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