How much you can earn on Forex


Many newcomers who come to the foreign exchange market wonder how much you can earn on Forex? People often misunderstand the essence of a currency trader's activity and assume that this activity is similar to ordinary wage labour, where the employee receives a certain salary monthly

Of course, the question "How much can you earn on Forex per month?" is impossible to answer, naming a certain amount in dollars or the national currency. With a certain degree of approximation, we can only talk about the interest on which the trader can, on average, increase his deposit monthly.

So, how much can you really earn on Forex? According to statistics, successful traders (i.e. those who consistently receive income from trading in the foreign exchange market - for most of them, this type of income is the main one), on average, can increase their deposit by 5-15% each month. These figures are very approximate. It should also be taken into account that such statistics are obtained when we consider longer periods of time (e.g. six months, a year, a couple of years, etc.). That is, any, the most experienced and successful trader, is unlikely to be able to "make" the declared 5-15% profit 

how much can you really earn on Forex?

every month. Most likely, in some months, its profits will be even greater; however, in some other months, there will be no profit at all, or there will be a loss on his trading account. However, if we summarize the result over a longer trading period, we will see that, on average, the financial results of such a trader fit into the above framework. 

In this regard, the answer to the question of how much you can earn on Forex most directly depends on the size of your trading capital (and, of course, on your ability to conduct profitable trade). If you have only $100-$200, you are unlikely to ever make millions out of them. However, if you know how to profit in the foreign exchange market, you still have a real chance to get rich.


Thanks to the development of information technology, transferring funds to trust has now become more simple and safe than ever. This is most convenient to implement it through the so-called "PAMM accounts." We will not elaborate on this investment tool (we assume that you have probably heard about it many times). Note only a couple of Forex brokers, which have a system of PAMMs, in our opinion, developed at the highest level: Alpari and RoboForex.  If you want to try yourself as a managing trader on Forex or, on the contrary, invest money in someone's trading in the foreign exchange market, these organizations are likely to be the best choice for you.


By taking into account investors' funds, you can continue to trade in the same way as you did in your own trading account. However, your 5-15% profit is now formed not only from your $100-$200 but from all the capital that investors have entrusted to you. Thus, the answer to the question of how much per month can be earned on Forex becomes much more attractive, especially considering that the number of investments in a single PAMM account sometimes reach several million dollars (admittedly, we are, of course, about PAMM accounts of the most successful traders trading on Forex for years and consistently showing satisfactory financial results).



How much you can earn on Forex

Even if you manage to attract investors with a total deposit of only $20,000 to your PAMM, it will already allow you to earn money on Forex for food. $20 thousand of investments is a very real figure for a trader who, for several months, consistently conducts profitable trading and, at the same time, does not exceed the acceptable level of risk (i.e. observes the rules of money management). How much can you really earn per month on Forex, operating this amount? Take the above statistics: 5-15% (i.e., on average, 10%) profit monthly. This profit is divided between the trader (you) and investors. Usually, the trader's remuneration is 30%-50% of the amount of profit. That is, of these 2 thousand dollars, your share of profit will be $600-$1000. This amount is quite realistic to earn for a month on Forex, working with such a relatively small investment amount. If you continue to trade steadily for a year, a year and a half and beyond, then you have every reason to expect much more capital inflows into your PAMM account. Accordingly, your profit may be an order of magnitude higher.

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