MBFX Timing indicator

The indicator for binary options MBFX Timing is an oscillator with which you can fairly accurately predict corrections both in the current movement and against it. Thanks to this, even a novice trader will be able to buy options at a profit.

Also, this indicator can be easily used in any strategy for binary options, as it is universal.

MBFX Timing

MBFX Timing indicator characteristics

·         Terminal: MetaTrader 4.

·         Time frame: M1-D1.

·         Expiration: 4 candles.

·         Option types: Call / Put.

·         Indicators: MBFX Timing.

·         Trading instruments: any.

·         Trading time: 8: 00-18: 00.

·         Recommended brokers: FiNMAX,  PocketOptionBinarium.

Installing MBFX Timing Indicator in MT4

The indicator is installed as standard in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The MBFX Timing indicator has only two parameters in its settings:

Settings of MBFX Timing Indicator

By changing the “Len” parameter to a higher value, it will be possible to receive more rare reversal signals from the indicator, but, unfortunately, it is not entirely clear whether they will become better because of this since many small corrections that were easily visible before are lost.

The "Filter" parameter adds a filter in the form of a yellow stripe on the indicator, but the value "0" is quite enough for comfortable trading.

Trading rules and description of the MBFX Timing indicator

Speaking about the rules of trading with the MBFX Timing indicator, for Call options, the indicator needs to be in the lower zone (below the “30” level) and, after the yellow line appears, it begins to cross the level from the bottom up:

MBFX Timing Indicator call

The Put option, accordingly, is bought when the indicator is in the upper zone and crosses the level “70” from top to bottom after the yellow line appears:

MBFX Timing Indicator Put

The expiration when buying options should be 4 candles on the used time frame.

Trading rules are not the only thing that needs to be understood when working with this indicator, and as mentioned earlier, the MBFX Timing indicator allows you to “catch” reversals or corrective pullbacks, and this can be done along with the trend or against it. If a trader is engaged in scalping, then most often signals will be used against the trend since scalping transactions are short and fast, but for beginners, it would be most correct to use corrections only along with the trend, since the potential for movement in such transactions is much higher and does not require preparation and experiences that are needed in scalping.

Therefore, before starting to trade, it is worth knowing what a trend is and how to determine it, and in addition, you can also familiarize yourself with how to determine trend phases and what a bullish and bearish trend is.

The indicator has a number of advantages over other oscillators:

  • High accuracy.
  • Does not redraw values ​​due to the range of levels from "0" to "100".
  • Very little is in the lower or upper zone along the time (in contrast to the same Stochastic Oscillator ).

In the example below, you can see how accurately the indicator shows corrective reversals:

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