forex Success Story -A difficult trader success story


forex success story

The hero of our today's history is called Alexander Belik. And I will tell you right away: this story is very difficult.

To some of you, it will remind you yourself. She will save someone from unnecessary and fatal mistakes in the future. Someone after reading this article will look at Forex trading from a different angle.

However, everything in order.

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If you want money, go to Forex

Such a slogan caught the eye of Alexander on an advertising banner of one of the dealing centers. He followed this banner to the broker's website.

On the site itself, Forex trading was brightly and colorfully painted. The great prestige of the trader's work was described. This profession was presented as very elite. At the same time, its simplicity was emphasized.

Absolutely anyone could get it. Moreover, on this site it was written that practically no skills and abilities are needed for this.

All the information on the start page boiled down to this:

- Register on the site;

- Open a real account;

- Transfer money to it;

- Open deals using signals from our service;

- And make tons of money.

Alexander then fell for all this simplicity and ease. I will not tell you in detail what happened next, since Alexander did not really expand on this topic to me.

I will only write that Alexander lost 4 deposits in a row. During a test individual lesson, he confessed to me that he had money both for training and for a starting deposit. But he needed guarantees of the result.

This is exactly the guarantee that a formal legal contract is. According to one of the points of which, any of our trader-teachers, during individual training, works with his student at least until the starting balance of his trading account is doubled.


Before continuing to tell the story of Alexander, I will give you my comments on everything that I wrote above.

Is it easy to trade Forex !?

Almost any resource on the Internet that is related to Forex, commodity or stock market trading tells you that trading is very simple.

Let's see, is this really so?

On the one hand, everything is really very simple. Sit at your monitor and press the Buy and Sell buttons. What could be easier?
It's not like standing at the bench all day. Do not drive a bus or electric train. Don't build houses. In fact, all the "mechanical" work of a trader is reduced to a minimum of primitive, practiced actions.

Why then does this work bring profit to a few, while thousands and millions of people lose money from such activities?
In fact, this is also very easy to explain. Trading is a very simple business indeed. And profitable trading too.

But it becomes simple after the trader is trained. Theory and practice, practice and theory, collecting transaction statistics, working on your mistakes ...
It is much easier and more efficient to do all this under the guidance of another experienced trader - a person who has already gone the path you just set foot on. The kind of person who is ready to lead you, who will help you rise if you have fallen, and who will help you deal with mistakes along the way.

There are no miracles in trading. At least I have not seen such miracles in the long run. It's not a secret for anyone that in Forex trading, a trader can simply be led. But this luck is one-time.

A trader can multiply his deposit several times even in a week, trading with high risks. He may be lucky 2, 5, even 10 times in a row. But one next "unlucky" deal will cancel out all the previous ones.

There is a saying. “A day in trading - 90% luck, 10% experience. A year in trading - 10% luck, 90% experience. " It is difficult to disagree with this.

Trading becomes easy if and only when you learn to trade. Any profession will become simple after a person learns it from the inside and gains experience. Trading is no exception.

Trading Signals: Evil or Not?Many services today offer a lot of both paid and free trading signals. Good or bad - I don't know.

I can only say that I am strongly opposed to you opening positions stupidly on a signal. I mean entering a position without fully understanding the reason for entering and what is happening in the market when you enter or exit the trade.

We teach our students to think and analyze the market. Even during practical training and online trading under the guidance of a trader, our traders regularly repeat:

- Don't just copy our deals if you don't understand the reasons for our actions in the market. If you do not have a trading idea - no need to get into the market!

By themselves, trading signals will not bring you any benefit or profit if you do not know how and why these signals originated.

It was on this bait that Alexander fell at one time. You already know what this led to. Now I will tell you what happened after Alexander came to us to study.

Alexander and the Forex Academy

At first, Alexander was surprised that we do not give trading signals. And far from all at once he succeeded in trading.

He also had several gross mistakes at the initial stage of training. At the request of Alexander, we even paused training and pauses several times.

All this happened because Alexander was pressed by the burden of his previous mistakes in trading. He confessed to me that very often he was simply scared to enter a deal. In addition to this, Alexander had to solve some personal problems. These problems also took time and effort from him.

Alexander's case is an example of a student whose main problem lies in the field of psychology. As for the theory and technique of trading, everything was fine with Alexander.

But it was his psychological attitude and lack of time that prevented him from bargaining competently in practice.

I advised Alexander the following:

- You should leave all your problems and throw them out of your head when you sit down to trade. You need to work in the market with a fresh and clear head. This is the key to the success of Forex trading. But Alexander did it quite hard in practice.

Several times we canceled and rescheduled our classes. This happened because Alexander was not ready for trading practice in the real market exactly at the time when the next lesson was scheduled.

When learning to trade, do not rush and chase a quick result. A systematic step-by-step approach is important here. Learning speed is a secondary factor.

Let the training be extended over several months, but the result will be achieved and obtained. Here I mean not only and not so much the doubling of the trading account itself. Doubling is guaranteed to you in the contract.

By achieving a result in individual training in Forex trading, I mean the professional development of a student as a trader.

The result of individual training is mastering the profession of a trader to the fullest. This is an opportunity to independently operate in the market and constantly and consistently earn at a distance. And it will take a month of study or a year - not so much.

It took Alexander about 4 months. With his consent, below I will publish the statement of his live trading account. Alexander gave this trade report to me about a week ago. The trading account was opened in the name of Nadezhda Belik. This is Alexander's wife.

Trader Alexander

I completely agree that absolutely anyone can become a good trader. I even agree that Forex trading is easy.

At least - it's no more difficult than driving a car. But remember yourself how you learned to do it. How did you pass the theory and practice of driving to your instructor.

How did you feel at that moment? Was it “easy” for you then?

It's the same on Forex. At first, you enter into a trade timidly and incorrectly, and you also hesitantly press on the gas when you drive a car. You catch big stop losses as if you were in an accident.

After you have gained experience, you are more and more confident in trading in the market. This is analogous to driving your car at full automatic speed and at a higher speed.

It's the same with trading. During his studies, Alexander learned to trade 3 points of entry into the market. He worked them out to such a level, which allowed him to show the result that you can see above.

At the same time, the excitement practically faded away. And Alexander has already solved many of his personal problems. He had more time and energy to trade. All this taken together gave immediate results!

Now a few words about the statistics of transactions and why they are needed. If you do the same action 100 times in the system, then you can easily repeat it 101 times. And you will do it without excitement and unnecessary nerves. If you know that in 80 out of these 100 cases you are statistically right.

That's when Forex trading will be very simple for you. Alexander's example proves this once again.



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