Sberbank is waiting for the strengthening of the ruble on Thursday

The ruble may strengthen up to 76 rubles / $ 1 on Thursday - Sber CIB

chart at 1 hour intervals Rubble/Dollar

The ruble strengthened sharply yesterday after Russian President Vladimir Putin's message to the Federal Assembly, according to analysts at Sber CIB, because his remarks on geopolitics were relatively restrained. According to Sberbank, the focus on Thursday will be on the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus, as well as Vladimir Putin's speech at the virtual climate summit of world leaders. Today's forecast is for the ruble to strengthen to 76 rubles per $1.

The oil market is concerned about the prospects for fuel demand in India, which is currently experiencing a coronavirus outbreak. India announced the highest daily death toll of 1,761 COVID-19 cases yesterday, while Canada and the United States extended their land border closures to international travelers. According to Sber CIB, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil could drop to $63.8 on Thursday.

On Friday, the ruble debt market will be watching a climate summit as well as the Central Bank of Russia's main rate meeting.

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